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I am a graduate of Florida International University. I have my Bachelor's degree in music performance. I grew up playing music. I started private lessons on the piano at age 6 and began with the viola and violin at age 11. As I progressed, I fell in love with music and soon realized that I loved sharing music with others, whether it was playing for them or showing others how to play. I have been a part of many musical groups and ensembles and have performed in many different piano, violin and viola competitions.

I love to teach others of all ages, and show them the joy of learning to make music! There is such joy in accomplishing learning a song you really enjoy! Music has benefited me greatly, I know I would not be such a dedicated and motivated student or business owner or teacher if it wasn't for my music lessons. Music really does discipline a person, and develops skills that others who do not play instruments do not have. Also it benefits children and teens in their academic school life, because it makes learning easier and develops the brain in regions that aren't likewise exercised.

I know that I wouldn't be who I am without music, and it surely puts smiles on others faces to play for them and teach them! I hope you too learn the joys of making music and see how it can add happiness and joy to your life as it has in mine!

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Recording Secretary for the Broward Music Teacher Association

August 2023 - Present

Adjudicator for the Florida State Music Teacher Association’s Student Day 

May 2023 - Present

Private Music Instructor|StudiobySarah Music Lessons

June 2014 - Present

Private Music Instructor|NSU Academy of the Arts

August 2019 - March 2020

Strings/Orchestra Teaching Assistant|NSU University School

August 2019 - March 2020

Music Instructor| Ninety Nine Music Academy

January 2017 – January 2019


Musical Ensembles:         

Ocean Strings Wedding Ensembles

Wedding Duo with Ruth

Volunteer Orchestra for "Love Never Fails" International Convention Evening Gathering

Florida International University Chamber Ensemble   

Florida International University Symphonic Orchestra  

Naples Youth Philharmonic  

Naples Honors Orchestra  

Won Awards in:

Florida Gulf Coast University/Steinway Young Artist Competition   

Naples Music Club Student Scholarship Competition    

Fort Myers Piano Competition



As a musician, I strive to show others the beneficial that it can be to play an instrument. For that reason my goals in teaching my students are to show them to:

  • Enjoy learning and playing various styles and genres of piano music from different eras

  • Practice, perform, and play with others

  • Develop confidence when playing and performing

  • Develop musicianship skills

  • Explain and illustrate the meaning of musical textures

  • Interpret music

  • Develop technique as well as emotionality to become a well-rounded musician

  • Love music and what it means for them

  • Develop endurance and determination as well as self-discipline

I want each of my students to learn about music, and use their own creativity, individuality, and personality to interpret musical pieces and learn to perform them on their own.

My goal is to help each student to become the best well-rounded musician that he or she can become, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes when a piece is well played after hard work and practice. The skills that each of my students will develop through their musical training will help them in the present as well as in the future in various aspects in life.

My hope is that after learning with me, for as long as it may be, that each student can take with them the knowledge and valuable skills that come with being a musician, and no matter what he or she may do in life, that music can be something that he or she can fall back on, and that playing an instrument such as the piano can be a source of relaxation, entertainment, self-expression, and gratification that can influence him or her for years to come.

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